Tuesday, July 24, 2007

iphone: day 3

I am still in love with my phone. I am still using it covertly under my desk at work. It is still the greatest piece of electronic equipment I own.

I had a realization: I was describing iphone and realized that the iphone is the equivalent to 1984's Macintosh. First, Apple completely changed the way people interacted with computers in 1984 with the completely revolutionary Macintosh that was so easy to use, so easy to understand and now with this incredible, simple, elegant piece of machinery, apple is changing how people interact with cell phones. This is the 2007 version of the Macintosh!

And in case you never saw the commercial that gave me goosebumps when at 11 years old I stood and stared at the TV, my mouth hanging open in complete astonishment and awareness, yes awareness, that this thing was going to be way cool and would forever turn me into a macAddict, a member of the iCult, here it is.

BTW, I still have my original Macintosh from 1984. It's in the storage unit downstairs. And it still works.

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