Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't know what possessed me to do it. I typically don't make rash decisions. It might have been David Pogue's video. Most likely I was desperate for email. Sunday afternoon, after some light shopping and a visit to the treats truck, I bought an iPhone.

It was so freaking easy. I walk up to an employee that's standing around, ask him if the phone is in stock, he gets the phone and right there in the middle of the store, he swipes my credit card with this portable reader, emails me my receipt and we're done. No time to squirm, no time to waffle, the phone is mine.

The phone is outrageous. It's the easiest cell phone I've used that has internet capabilities. It's so simple I don't have to read a manual. I have zero buyer's remorse. None.

My uncle, a fellow MacAddict, got the phone today. We're both screaming in excitement. While he's jazzed to show off the phone to everyone, I took it into work today and discreetly used it, making sure no one noticed. Why? I haven't bought a case yet and I'm keeping it snugged up in a lint free cloth in my bag. I don't want to bring it out and carry it around all naked since I tended to drop my old cell phone all the time. I also don't want it to get stolen. Once people know, that phone cannot leave my person. There's no leaving the phone in the bag once they know it's there.

The bright side of keeping my new toy under wraps is that I don't have to deal with people wanting to hold it. I'm so not letting anyone handle this thing.

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