Friday, August 31, 2007

Remote Post: Delays

Right now I'm sitting in a terminal at JFK airport. I'm in gate 35 for
American airlines which isn't my gate but the one heading to Zurich.
There's an interesting mix of people here from various ethnic
backgrounds, most of whom have a vaguely European look about them.
Mostly they are better dressed than the average American traveler.

I'm also here at this gate to take advantage of an outlet to charge my
phone (as I type). It's this little cafe-like table with a pole of
outlets that's now completely full (I'm the only one with a seat
because this is the only chair near it. Mostly mac users with iPods or
laptops). The other reason I'm here is that my flight is delayed for 3
hours due to mechanical problems. Well. At least I'm not spending 3
hours on the plane waiting on the Tarmac.

I had fun at the agent desk whipping out my iPhone and asking them
about Rule 240. (sorry can't add a link here). People oohed and ahhed
not over the phone but at me when I was calmly throwing questions out
about availability on other airlines, flight number for the plane
arriving and in flight time, going on orbitz and letting the agents
know that orbitz was reporting that 5 seats were available on a delta
6:45pm flight. Shit like that.

Yeah, didn't get me anywhere but I had some laughs with fellow
passengers, one of them bellowing "rule 240 in effect" repeatedly. I
should have suggested we all get drinks.

I did walk around the terminal for a bit. It seems newly remodeled.
Where is the section of JFK that has that distinct design?

No hassle with the security theatre. Had I known that it would have
been so easy I would have packed my 4 oz sunblock.

Ok at this point I'm rambling. I'm going to check on my flight.

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K said...

I've never heard of rule 240. Can I just say, you're the most amazing information gatherer ever???

As for the specially designed JFK terminal, that's the old TWA terminal by Eero Saarinen. It's now owned and being renovated by JetBlue.