Friday, August 31, 2007

Remote Post: on the highway

It's nice to be here, in the back seat, my stepfather driving west on
836. My mom is asking me about Chevy's, the Mexican restaurant we
just passed, and then we remenisced about El Torito, the long gone
Mexican joint my parents and their friends used to go to, me in tow
looking forward to the chips and salsa, wondering if I'd be allowed to
order a shirley temple.

I like knowing what road I'm on, where it leads to, where I'm going. I
love the familiarity of this place.

I'm starved and we're going to hit Pollo Tropical (chicken on the
grill!), my favorite fast food joint for some rice, black beans, yuca
and plantano maduros. Nothing like having dinner at midnight.

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