Friday, August 24, 2007


I have wanderlust in my heart.
Every once in a while I want to quit my job, not renew my lease and
buy an RV and go around the country. Why wait until I am of retirement
age? It would be nice to have the freedom to go anywhere, pick and
choose what state I'm in the mood for and then just drive there.
I'm not talking about a rinkydink motor home either but one of those
class-A bus-like RVs with a nice sized interior. Imagine driving
around the states in that? The kind of motor homes stars have?

Then reality creeps in. First off, isn't the rest of America filled
with republicans and walmart? What exactly am I going to do once I
pull into an RV park? Is it safe, and is it only filled with
retirees? Won't I get bored after a year, which is why the elderly
have RVs because how many years are they going to drive around anyway?
And then, how am I going to pay for gas and food? I guess I could
freelance every once in a while to pay the bills. Plus, I'm afraid of
being attacked by a bear and don't RV folks go to camps and national
parks? I'm quite urban. Oh hey, won't I have to deal with my own
sewage? Ewwwwww.

Seems more and more like a fantasy rather than an implementable plan.
I don't know, but I'm enjoying looking at Winnebago's website.

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