Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And where will this get me?

Ok. I did something today that's a little unplanned, a little crazy
that has an uncertain future.

I froze my gym membership.

I've frozen it for the next 3 months and I have many reasons why this
seemed logical to do.

1) I haven't been going to the gym. Since the weather got nice earlier
this year I've been running in the park. It's actually something I
enjoy doing, (but yes, August was indeed too hot for me to run outside
so instead I sat on my couch watching tv but whatever it's getting
cooler out). I want to run outside for as long as I can stand it as
it's infinitely more interesting than staring at the back of some guys
head on a treadmill.

2) I'm really not into the gym routine anymore.
The thought of the process involved to get there, take stuff out of my
rented locker, take my clothes off, put my gym clothes on, workout,
take my gym clothes off, shower, put my work clothes back on (yes, I
brought clean undies along) makes me want to sit on the couch and
watch tv while eating chips. And the workout is so routine. I've been
doing the gym thing for a 13 years. Time to do something else for a bit.

3) I want to try doing yoga and pilates.
Every time I say "yoga and pilates" I have to do so like Madonna does
in American Life and I feel really, really gross. But I do like y&p
and want to give it an honest try because I see myself as someone who
would get a lot of emotional, spiritual and health benefits from yoga
and as for pilates, everyone i've seen who does it has an awesome body.

I wonder how this all will work out. I'm not trying to doom myself
before I start but this is a vastly different fitness program for me.
I'll have to get appropriate running apparel for the fall, probably
get new sneakers in a month, sign up for some y&p sessions and really
stay committed and see if this new program is better than going to the
gym once in a while.

I do wonder about strength training. I hate doing it and pilates
probably won't take care of my needs. Will I buy free weights?
Probably not, but I'm going to try this for 3 months and go from
there. I can always unfreeze my gym membership.

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