Friday, September 28, 2007

In the circle game

I walked down the hallway here at work, looking at the activity in the
cafeteria, people standing and talking next to a cubical, and I
thought about how an office is analogous to how life goes on when you

One minute you're in the office, a part of the culture, organizing
meetings and working. You pass by your coworkers daily, have small
talk with them, meet up for lunch. Then you switch jobs and leave.
Depending on your social and organizational place in the company, you
are grieved for but everything continues as it did while you were
there and if you could pop in and observe them, it's like you were
never there at all save for your personal interactions, as everything
keeps on going.

That's how I imagine it is when we die. People in our circle are
impacted, but the world, the machine that is our neighborhood, our
cities, our country just moves on like you weren't even there. It is
sustained as people come and go. It is bigger than a single individual.

I don't mean to sound nihilistic, and I'm not saying that are lives
are anymore meaningful or meaningless than it already is. But when I
walked down that hallway, it occurred to me how sustainable these
companies are, how who we are is less important than the role, and
that once you're gone your space is filled and things keep going on
without you.

All this to say that I got a job offer, from that company where I had
that awful interview. I start in three weeks.

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