Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The road home

Well the trip is almost over. I'm at the gate waiting for by flight,
which appears to be somewhat on time. So, now is a good time to post
some reflections of the trip.

* I shouldn't give Spanish-only speakers such a hard time. I brushed
up on my Spanish ordering coffee and met some nice waitstaff.

* I really like seeing my grandparents. I don't call them enough.

* Grandpa told me that his life passed, snap, like that and now he's
going to be 76. It's really fast so live large.

* There are a lot of brazilians in Florida.

* Family gossip can be interesting but otherwise sucks when you get
sucked into it and have to repeat what you heard.

* I love the rain in Miami, how it's rains heavily and quickly.

* I really like seeing the clouds at dusk, and looking at them over
the sawgrass, wondering how long will we have this before it gets

* I love driving on the highways in Florida and how I know where I'm
going. It's such nostalgia and it makes me happy.

* I really like driving in the sawgrass expressway at night.

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