Friday, October 5, 2007

Girl, blow out that match!

The stupidity of my company requires me to print out a form and have
it signed by a director to complete a help desk ticket submitted
online. My direct boss is not a director so I had to take this trivial
request to his boss, the C Fucking O of the company.

I walked in. It's his opportunity to ask me about my decision to leave
the company. He looked giddy with joy. I told him about the new job,
what I'll be doing. "Sounds like a lot of work." He smiled the entire
time. I never could tell what was on this man's mind, he's as dry as
they come. But I bet he's glad to see me go considering he all but
shut me out of any opportunity for advancement. I stood there and
remembered when I sat at his desk, a year ago this month, as he made
it clear that I would not even be considered for the managerial
position left vacant by my boss, despite my seven years of experience
and stellar performance reviews.

I was tempted to be sarcastic. I was also tempted to be passive-
aggressive. I was tempted to tell him the truth about why I was
leaving. Instead, I thought about how much I didn't want to burn my
bridges. The truth, while it would feel good to yell out, won't change
the past or the state of the company. Besides, you never know who you
will work for or who will work for you. So I smiled, said I was
looking forward to the creativity and challenge offered by my new job
and that I've enjoyed my time at this company.

The last part was a lie. Oh well. I can live with that.

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Anonymous said...

If only... right? Good riddance!