Monday, October 29, 2007

Murder Inc and Starbucks

Just read an interesting article. A new starbucks in the Park Sheraton Hotel's lobby on West 57th Street once held a barber shop in which the mobster, Albert Anastasia, was shot and killed.
"You think people care?" says one barista, out on a smoke break and checking her Sidekick, and who, as per company policy, would not give her name. "That was 50 years ago. Trust me. They just want their coffee and they want to get on their way."
Do people really not care? I think it would be cool to walk into a place and find out all sorts of random information about the place. It could be on a plaque or some kind of historical booklet available to patrons. In NY, almost every place has a history and sometimes a macrabre past. I kind want to go look at those floors now, but I would have been more interested if the place were still a barber shop.

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