Thursday, November 1, 2007

A shining band of gold

The title of this post is terribly cheesy but I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams tonight: I saw The Police live in concert at MSG!!

Sting's voice was outstanding. He hit notes and held them long; he sounded exactly the same and looked fantastic. Andy Summers made guitar playing look easy while Stewart Copeland was so freaking focused and incredibly hot and intense. Plus, they all wore costumes tonight!

It was fantastic to be surrounded by fans and so many people. I danced, sung, even played air drums during Wrapped Around Your Finger. (yeah, but it's my favorite part of the song!)

They played Every Breath You Take as an encore and I called my mom and held up the phone. We love this song, we love this band, and I got all emotional wishing she were here, having her on the line sharing this moment while remembering when I first heard this song, how my mom and I used to blast it on the stereo at home or in the car. So many memories.

I've waited for 23 years to see The Police in concert. This was a great experience and wow, nothing makes me feel more alive than hearing music live!

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