Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have two clearly defined New Year's resolutions: 1) travel down to see my family more often and 2) take professional piano lessons.  I knocked down #1 earlier this month and purchased six plane tickets spread out over the year (except for Christmas, which airlines were not yet selling) and today, I scheduled an appointment for my first ever professional piano lesson.  Whooo!

I've been teaching myself piano on and off for the past two years.  I use an interactive software that I plug into a midi keyboard and go to town.  It has actually taught me how to read music, but in terms of technique, I've reached the point where an instructor can really instill proper habits.  Plus, sometimes I hate the songs on my program.  I want to play some classical and rock and have someone crack a whip.

I'm super excited. I can't wait.  If I like the instructor, I'll be meeting with her once a week. 

Hmm, this means I'll have to upgrade my keyboard. :-)

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