Saturday, April 19, 2008

to tat or not to tat

I've been having a debate with myself for years. Do I get a tattoo or not? There are a few symbols that are really dear to me but the idea of permanently inking my skin, even for a symbol that means a lot, scares the crap out of me. I can't imagine that something that looks good on me when I'm 35 is going to be hawt when I'm 75. But hey, I'm going to suspend that hesitancy for a moment and talk about what I'd like and where I'd like it.

The Ouroboros
why: Symbolizing infinity, eternity, the cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction, the snake or dragon biting its tail has always been an image that I resonate with. I grew up knowing the image of snake, but it was only in college that I learned that a dragon is also used. And I love dragons. My tattoo would be a dragon ouroboros.

style: I'd like it to be red or green and a modernization of this image. Add some wings, change the shape just a bit.

where: Obviously this is a circular tattoo. I've thought about placing it on my back hip or back shoulder. Not too crazy about that. I really don't want a tattoo where I can't see it. Plus, this is a symbol that's close to my heart and if I didn't have boobs, I'd get it right on my chest. Another option is to put it next to my hip bone on the front, but eh.

verdict: This tattoo I've thought about for a very long time. However, I don't know about having a tattoo somewhere I can't see it. I want to be able to see it, look and examine it, and savor the meaning and beauty. I really don't want it to be for the enjoyment of others.

The Dragon
why: Dragons are awesome. I don't have some deep spiritual connection with dragons, but I love the way they look.

style: I've always liked Masuimi Max's red dragon tat, but it's a bit too Eastern for my taste. The styling, however, is nice. I'd like a slightly smaller size. I envision something in blue. I'd let an artist draw up a few ideas using Masuimi's as an example.

where: Again, I like the placement of Masuimi's tat. Upper right arm. Good location, I'd be able to look at it, and through the years it won't look like shit on a 70 year old.

verdict: I'm liking this one more and more.

The Anchor
why: I was always fascinated with the anchor tats I'd see on older Navy men when I was a kid. I would eye the faded green anchor on their forearm or bicep and just really wanted one too.

style: I'd like this to resemble a 1940s anchor tattoo. That simple.

where: This would definitely go on the outside of my upper right arm.

verdict: I have nothing to do with sailing or the Navy. The only reasons I'd want this is because of a childhood memory, and well, it's totally butch.

Final thoughts

While the ouroboros is the symbol I like the best, it's the dragon that would look the best on me. I really like the idea of having something on my upper right arm. My hesitation is I don't want to put something permanently on my body that I don't have a strong connection with. While I love dragons, it's specifically the ouroboros that I want, but I'm certain I don't want a tattoo on my back.

I'll have to think some more. I'd like to see some sketches of what I'd want. Then I'd have to find a really good artist. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

-The Fat Guy

vivzan said...

argh! why not?? Will it "mar the fluid landscape that is my body?"

My mom is so against it. I kinda want to do it just to piss her off.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it will mar the fluid landscape that is your body. Last I remember, you had a decent one.

Sexist or not, I think tatoos should be left to men who are one of the following: criminals, bikers, guys in a midlife crisis, sailors, pacific islanders and professional surfers (and ONLY pros).
-The Fat Guy

Sunshine said...

haha i am about to get an anchor tattoo, upper right arm - totally butch, but i think i could use some butching up!
i am not a sailor either, nor am i into the christian symbol of hope thing... i just want it for years and years now. i think i have earned me an anchor tattoo.

good luck deciding