Thursday, May 22, 2008

Information vacation

I consume a lot of information. Every day I read my favorite tech blogs, read the New Yorker on the train, read the New York Times online, scan local message boards at home, scan work-related message boards at work, listen to NPR while working, listen to podcasts while running, watch TiVo while emailing. And so on.

All of this information can be inspiring and it all churns around in my head. I find some creative and professional inspiration and go home and play around with it. That's very gratifying even if nothing comes of it.

However, since I'm a loner at heart, an only child used to amusing herself, I'm aware that I can easily get caught up in keeping myself occupied, and it's also a side effect of being alone.

Sometimes I think about what good all of this constant information serves. Yeah, it's nice knowing things, I like being on top of what's going on. When I'm away from my computer for a weekend... wait, that's so unrealistic... Ok, when I'm away from my computer while down in Miami, I come back and see how many unread posts I have in my aggregator. There's this constant supply of information that I can never fully be up on. I could easily be a slave to it, putting aside real-life activities for the (very real) joy of information acquisition. So when I downloaded snackr tonight (and I love it!), it was a signal of my need to slow down and re-establish some balance.

I wasn't too happy about the Memorial day weekend rolling around (it always seems to catch me off guard) since I have zero plans, but now I plan on taking an information vacation. Or as much of one as I can.

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