Thursday, May 22, 2008

let me borrow that (black) top

Even though my cousin makes fun of me for wearing black every time I come down to Florida (it's called packing light, B.), I realized this morning while getting dressed that I have completely reduced the number of black shirts to such a degree that I don't even have a nice black top to wear to work anymore.

This all started because I had a "talking to" by friends and family a few years ago about how I needed to branch out from only wearing black. Now the only black items I own are said t-shirts, two sexy black sleeveless tops I cannot wear to work, a black cashmere sweater, and three dresses.

I think I was too successful in excising black from my wardrobe. I need an all purpose black top to dress up or down.

And because I'm talking about tops, here's Kelly! (ZOMG! LOVE Kelly!)

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