Monday, May 26, 2008

What I did on my information vacation

It's only 7pm, but vacation is over because as soon as this blog post is done I'm doing laundry and possibly cleaning the apartment.

The only stuff I did on the computer (including the iphone) is twitter, play a game of scrabulous, read the NYTimes, and upload some photos to flickr. I didn't touch my email, read any blogs or watch TV. So what did I do? For the most part, I spent my weekend in the park. Saturday, after working at the co-op, I stopped by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to say hello to two coworkers and then napped on a secluded bench. I stopped by the library hoping to score Haruki Murakami's "A Wild Sheep Chase" or any Murakami book I haven't read (nope, I cannot be spontaneous about books in the central library. I always fail). Instead, I went through my pile of books I got for free at the giveaways and settled on "Elsewhere." Took me a few pages to realize that Elsewhere was a young adult novel, but hey, at that point I was already ensconced in the park and wasn't going to go back home to pick something else out.

Sunday I spent the entire afternoon in the park lounging, reading and writing in my journal. Heading back home, I came across a gingerbread church off the path. This thing must have been in someone's house for the past five months!

In the evening after a run (sans podcast), I made pizza from scratch (made the dough, but not the cheese), enjoyed a glass a wine and watched Brokeback Mountain which was absolutely the most boring movie I've seen in a while plus I needed subtitles to understand Heath Ledger.

Today, I woke up early again and headed back to the park to finish the teen novel. L. was there with her son and we hung out. On the way back home, I made a point to walk past the gingerbread church, which had collapsed, probably due to moisture as the steeple wasn't crushed.

I made another pizza from yesterday's leftover dough, which I promised to post a photo of for L. This one, while tastier, larger and thinner than the one last night, got stuck to the pizza peel while going into the oven and some cheese and sauce slid out of place. Still, it was beyond edible (yes, I love a lot of basil and after this photo was taken, I drizzled evoo all over this baby and topped it off with freshly grated parmigiano reggiano)!

So this was a great weekend! I got to see some peeps, relax, read, cook, think and enjoy life! I did think about what I was missing on the blogosphere, but it will be there tomorrow. I'm in no rush to read it. :-)

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