Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you're gonna belt that, right?

I wore a belt with my jeans yesterday. I really hate belting pants and normally I'll refuse to wear them but I needed to, those jeans are pretty low rise.

When I was a kid, I was a tomboy who would run around in either shorts or skirts. I hated wearing pants and my mom, for whatever reason, would always put me in pants or dark washed jeans when I needed to be "presentable." Funny, she never made me wear fancy dresses. It's almost like she knew I hated pants and therefore demanded pants whenever I needed to be paraded in front of adults (maybe it was a feminist thing). The pants? They would always be belted.

(I can't believe she put me in pleats, too.) So belts = stuffy and uncomfortable. The minute I was allowed to choose what to wear I ditched the belts. I know it drives her nuts that I don't wear them, either.

Unfortunately, I guess I couldn't avoid them because when my mom was in town last year, I put on those jeans I wore yesterday and while walking around the city, she saw me hiking them up several times and insisted that we stop somewhere and buy a belt. And wear it. So ok, she had a point and every once in a while (meaning: only when I wear those jeans) I wear a belt.

Heh, my mom still can make me wear a belt.

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Clau said...

You are such a rock star in those pants!