Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here's what I should do

A list of what's missing in my life and what I should be doing according to my uncle:

I don't live in South Beach
There's no Procecco in the fridge
I do not have several bottles of merlot on hand
I am not meeting enough people
I have a French press and not a coffee machine (but at least I make good coffee)
I don't have a $50 cord to hook up my iPhone to my TV
I don't have Apple TV
I don't have Directv
I don't have a flat-screen TV
I should watch The Unit
I should watch Daybreak
I should go to the movies every week
I should take a class
I need to stop being so shy
I must take risks, be aggressive
I should be dating
I should take up some activity
I should smoke cigars
I should find a restaurant that I like and become a regular
I don't have enough iPhone apps
My cable tv doesn't get the "LINK" channel
I should upgrade my iBook G4

I love my uncle. He's a lot of fun, a charismatic person who wants the best for me, wants me to be happy and live large. Some of his advice is good, but, I gotta laugh at what he tells me to do sometimes.


Clau said...

I agree. You should take a class. And smoke cigars. And if you can't find a good class, at least you have the cigars.

skim said...

Oh hell yes, you should take a class on smoking cigars. Your uncle rocks.

vivzan said...

You know, it is quite confusing to figure out which product to inhale. Class it is!

Anonymous said...

I gotta go with him on the cigars, wine and flat screen.
-The fat guy

Chelc said...

OK, what's funny is that I was going down your list saying "check, check, check..." - perhaps there is some truth to your uncle's advice! So when you come to visit, know that we almost always have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, we always have a spattering of reds, whites, and hard alcohol on hand, I have a French Press, a drip coffee machine, and an espresso machine (can you tell I used to work in a coffee shop?!), and 2 flat screen TVs (although the hi-def one is only hooked up to video game consoles!). Now, about the cigars - if A's dad was still here, he'd hook you up, but they left last week!

Sounds like a long list. You better get going on that! :) Oh, and what the hell is the "Link" channel?! We don't even get Bravo!!

vivzan said...

Chelc, so my uncle will be stopping by your place next week... ;-)

You gotta hear his delivery, it's part rebuke and part incredulousness - hysterical.

LINK shows news from other parts of the world that's usually not a part of our U.S. programming. It's really good. I think it's only available on Directv. (

What's up with no bravo???