Thursday, September 4, 2008

neurotic and cooperative

I love personality tests so when Bearclau posted her results on her blog, I decided to be a complete copycat, take it and post my results as well. (I have to say, Bearclau has many posts worth copying. :-)

I have an astrology one I took years ago that I thought was dead on in that contradictory ways they always are (I should dig that up), but this one's ok. The neurotic, cooperative and in between intro/extrovert seems about right but I didn't have a "that's me!" feeling of excitement. My thoughts are that anyone can read this and see aspects of themselves. Bearclau and I have the same interpretation for the casual/disciplined, alternative and cooperative bubbles. Does that explain why we're friends, or showcases that we both fall in the same scoring averages?

Your personality tendencies in a nutshell...

You enjoy making plans and commitments but you sometimes don't follow through. You are curious about many different things and highly value artistic expressions and ingenious thoughts. You show some tendency toward anxiety and worry. You are typically respectful toward others and dislike confrontation. You may be outgoing or reserved depending on the situation.'s guest psychologist Dr. Peggy has a little more, uh, informal interpretation of your traits...

About those "Casual" and "Disciplined" bubbles...Conscientiousness is not one of your defining traits, meaning that you are neither anal retentive nor anal expulsive. What does that mean? In a nutshell, you keep it together fairly well, but you do not suffer too much if you let things fall through the cracks every once in a while. If you make plans with a friend, chances are good that you will show up at the designated time. Then again, something better may come up or you just might forget. Either way, you're good. Another possibility is that you are very conscientious about some things, but more relaxed about other things. For example, you might demand the utmost rigor and discipline in your scholarly/work life, but keep your home looking like a garage sale gone terribly awry, with various articles of clothing and personal belonging strewn about. Where's Fido? Hopefully he hasn't been eaten by the alien life that has developed since the last cleaning.

About that "Alternative" bubble... You are intellectually curious, imaginative, and literary. I do believe the technical term is "artsy fartsy." When reading poetry, the images may move you until you quiver with delight, or perhaps quivering from all of the espresso that you've been drinking. Speaking of caffeine, it would not be a big surprise if you indulged in other substances to heighten your senses. After all, whoever heard of creative geniuses who were sober? Freud was a coke-head, Hemingway was a fall-down drunk, and Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil, probably while high on wacky tabacky. You have quite the active fantasy life and are often in la la land, earning you the well-deserved nickname "space cadet" from your loved ones. Mostly, you're a lot of fun to hang out with because you're always game for whatever idea your non-medicated (but should be) friend has in mind. The next time someone suggests that you streak naked in the dead of winter, do think twice, or at least wear some mittens.

About that "Neurotic" bubble... If you were 100% neurotic, it would mean that you always felt stressed, anxious, and as a consequence of the first two emotions, depressed. Lucky for you your scores indicate that you are only about 50-75% neurotic. This means that you have some time off for good behavior and that there are many times when you feel balanced and calm. You may feel emotions very intensely and maybe even experience physiological cues to stress (sweating, quickening blood pressure, and faster heart beats are a few things that come to mind). However, you are able to control your rising anxiety with relative speed. Some people interpret neuroticism as a bad trait to have, but look at it this way - neurotic people are never bored with their own thoughts and their emotionally labile temperaments allow them to experience a whole range of feelings in very short periods of time. It's like the weather. If you don't like the mood, wait 5 minutes.

About that "Cooperative" bubble...Your scores would suggest that you tend to be more agreeable than you are competitive. What does that mean? For starters, it means that you have a fairly strong tendency to believe in social harmony and cooperation. You are a nice person. You want people to get along and do the right thing - for each other, for the greater humanity. That's not to say that you are a total pushover, but that you believe in the niceties of life. This is probably why you are very popular with people and have many friends. The difference between you and someone who is very high in agreeableness is that you have a bit of an edge. Maybe you laugh when people fall down and hurt themselves, maybe you secretly occasionally think people suck. Whatever it is that's holding you back from winning Ms. or Mr. Congeniality, that's also what makes you more interesting.

About those "Introverted" and "Extraverted" bubbles...There are two possible reasons why you might have scored right smack dab in the middle on the trait of extraversion/introversion. First, you may be the type of person that answers "that sort of sounds like me" to questions about how you interact with the world. Do you like to party like it's 1999? Do you enjoy making small talk with the walls at a friendly get together? The answer to these incisive questions and other similar inquiries that tap into your social prowess would typically be "sometimes." The second possible reason why you are both extraverted and introverted (or neither of these traits, depending on how you look at it) is because you are statistically bipolar - answering an emphatic, "yessiree Bob" to some questions, while inaudibly whispering "that's not me" to other questions - causing your answers to cancel each other out. Never fear, balance is here. Frankly, being capable of enjoying time out with friends and sharing a laugh or two is that much sweeter if you can also savor time alone and take pleasure in quiet.

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