Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shove it up your investment fund!

Ah, translation disasters. So rarely do I see Portuguese to English ones and so when I found one in posted in a blog I follow, Photoshop Disasters, I just had to re-post this disaster here because well, I laughed my investment funds off:
The model of dignity Sabrina Boing Boing took off a bare picture for the section “Happy Hour” of the Playboy magazine of this month, that has in the layer the former-BBB Natália Casassola. It looks at, I do not understand nothing of photoshop not, but it does not need to be specialist pra to know that the people have cu, né!

It is impression mine or the Playboy erased the investment funds of the young woman! It passed mass race in everything, maluco… you to a thing alone, jettison in the soil. Who will have one tempinho aee, informs, please, the staff of the Photshop Disasters, because now I go to start to write a substance on pensioners of the INSzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
Original Portuguese here (it's actually funny in Portuguese, too).

I'm not up on new Brazilian slang but I did look it up. The term "Investment funds" is indeed a euphemism for the asshole. The more you know...

[photo & translation via Photoshop Disasters]

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