Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just finished watching the documentary Surfwise, which Skim liked and suggested. It's a film about a man who has a strong philosophy of life and who, along with his wife, raises a family of nine children in a camper as they travel and surf.

I have a strong desire to disconnect and live simply and by my own rules so this film was very intriguing to me. I get where this guy was coming from. Also, my notions of freedom are tied up in feeling like I can escape at any moment, move and start over somewhere else. But then I worry about health insurance and having enough savings for retirement and all of my fantasies crash down. (Sort of. I'm trying to figure out where the compromise is to achieve the kind of life that I want.)

Watch Surfwise. It's a thought-provoking documentary if you're inclined to just drop everything and it's also an eye opener as to the consequences of that type of lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Nice story, but it takes a particularly strong woman (or particularly weak), especially in those days, to raise a ton of kids in an RV while the family drives around living hand-to-mouth because Dad wants to surf.

Do you think you could put up with that?

-The Fat Guy

vivzan said...

Why do you assume that I'd take on the role of bearing nine children? That's not something I'd do. I'm more like the Dad. It's his lifestyle, his vision, that intrigued me, along with the experiences of the children.