Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

Some girls grow up idolizing their fathers. I idolized my uncle, who I considered to be the coolest, smartest, funniest, and the most honest guy in the world. And I still believe this. He's never let me down.

As per his earlier advice, I now at least have bottle of wine on hand (I do follow his advice sometimes). Here's his latest hilarious yet not completely nuts advice on making the most of my life and meeting new people, sent via email:
Go hang out at the Pizza place if you have no plans. Proceed to drink a bottle of that fine wine, and be friendly with one and all. The good looking, the bad looking and even the ugly looking. Ugly people have good looking friends also. Make a habit of it, and tell yourself, "what would Paulo do in these circumstances?" Be brave, make a fool of yourself, laugh about it. Start singing if you know the song. Talk to perfect strangers, Is that wine your drinking any good? Can I find a jacket like that at the thrift store, for my uncle? Insult them, they love it. Do they make that watch for men? Just kidding, it's a very manly chronograph, are you a racing driver?
And Smile, and laugh and laugh.
Have fun.



Chelc said...

This is adorable. The chronograph/racing driver part is hilarious! I love that your uncle is giving you all this advice. I think it's a great way to meet people around your neighborhood, and at the very least people-watch!

I'm really bad about being self-conscious if I'm in a public place by myself. Lately, though, I've had to draw people in my sketchbook - while sitting by myself, and it's really not as bad once you're there as you imagine it to be. I always bring along a book too, so I can get lost in it and forget that I'm sitting by myself. Then I get there and realize there are lots of other people sitting by themselves. It's like the gym for me - the hardest part is getting myself out of the house!

Clau said...

Ok, I now officially love your uncle. His advice is great. I can go out to those places and hang out. But I have to get past that hurdle of talking to strangers.

vivzan said...

Chelc, Clau - Funny, it was my uncle, back after I graduated HS and got a job, that encouraged me to go to the movies by myself, lunch, museums all that.

And I did! I did it for years! But now that I'm older, I still do those things and go to lunch by myself, but in the evenings I'm more self-conscious about it. Like, the pizza place he's talking about? We went there when he was visiting and there was a woman sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of wine and reading the New Yorker. She wasn't interacting with others and it just look so lonely.

Clau, My uncle can make friends with anyone. I'm not the same way. I'm always wondering what the person striking a convo with me wants. Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't be so cynical. :-)