Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So on Saturday, I got home late and popped in a DVD, turning on my surround sound. It was late, around midnight and someone rang my doorbell. My downstairs neighbor, who I guess is new, was telling me that he could "feel" the sound and that it was too loud. While I never had a noise complaint in my life, I figured that the sub-woofer was disturbing him, so I did turn it down.

But, it's 10:02pm on a Wednesday and I don't have the surround sound on. I have the TV on and the sound is at the half way point. And my doorbell just rang.

Seriously? Really? Are you kidding me? You're ringing my doorbell? You have got to be out of your mind. Are you from NYC?

I looked through the peep hole and didn't open the door. I bet you rang my bell at 10:02 because of the noise ordinance law. Call the cops you asshole. And, yeah, I've been deliberately stepping on the squeaky floorboards. You're lucky I don't wake up at 4am.

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Chelc said...

Ah, the joys of apartment living! I can't say I miss that part of Brooklyn. You brought back memories of my next-door neighbor who would complain about my TV, even at 1/3 volume & at all hours of the day, and then my upstairs neighbor who would play jazz and blues as loud as possible early Saturday and Sunday mornings (you know, when you would usually get to sleep in?!). You would think those old brownstones would have thicker walls!