Saturday, November 8, 2008

a nice, rainy run

It's been an overcast, rainy day that to me, is perfect for running in. After doing a few errands and cleaning up the apartment, I changed into my running clothes and went outside for a run in the park.

Running in the rain is a time I spend focused in the present moment. I don't analyze, I don't ruminate, I don't zone out. I leave my ipod at home and pay attention to what's happening around and inside me. I listen to my breathing, feel my heart beating and my body moving. I take in the earthy fresh smells and the sound of the wind shaking the trees. I feel the rain falling on me and wipe my eyes so I can see. I look up and around at the trees and look down and step on leaves on the road. Usually the park is empty when it rains and when it rains heavily (which it didn't today), I'll scream and laugh and run through the rain like I did as a kid.

It's an experience that connects me to myself and to nature. It makes me feel mortal yet exhilarated by feeling really alive and in the moment. I'll feel an incredible rush of life... and then I get to go home and hop into a hot shower!


Chelc said...

I wish that I could feel that way about running. I've never enjoyed running, and I've come to terms with that. I love your description of being out in the rain, though. I think back to walking through the rain as a kid, and I used to love it! There's something about the freedom of not caring if you're drenched (or the freeing protection of a rain jacket and galoshes!) where you can enjoy what nature has provided and just let loose! I'm glad you have a way to find that.

I love smelling the air when it's raining; that fresh scent of everything washing away. Add the smell of a wood fire and a hot drink in my hand, and I'm a happy camper!

vivzan said...

Exactly, there's a definite sense of freedom. Normally I don't like to get my hair and clothes wet but when I run in the rain, it's the experience... letting loose, that's right!

Love the smell of a wood fire. I used to have a fireplace in my last apartment, but not one here. It was very relaxing.