Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aunt Jemima Treatment

I just made some chocolate chip cookies (I accidentally used too much butter so they taste like I fried them and are going in the trash. That's what happens to me when I bake from a box) and while going through my kitchen drawer, a scene from Stripes replayed in my mind.

I was really young when I saw this film and this scene really caught my attention and stuck with me all these years. Whenever I fish around a kitchen drawer, I sometimes think of this:


Chelc said...

Ah, that young Bill Murray - such a charmer with kitchen utensils! I always think of that scene when I see spatulas too! Funny the things that stick with us, and those that just go way over our heads when we're young (what *was* he doing with that ice cream scooper?! :D )

Sorry your cookies didn't turn out. I have a fantastic Ghirardelli recipe you can have (it's from the back of the package of chocolate chips!).

vivzan said...

It's cool to know that someone else thinks of that scene! And yeah, always did wonder what he was doing with the scooper!

Cookies didn't turn out well because of bad UI on the box. They showed a stick of butter but next to it, wrote 1/3 cup. I just grabbed the stick because my normal recipe calls for it.

I was being lazy as I normally make cookies from scratch. I use the "Neiman Marcus" recipe. Love it. I've tried the recipe on the Ghiradelli package (Ghiradelli is my go to chocolate chip chocolate) and I remember that being good too. I like the Neiman Marcus recipe because of the oatmeal.