Friday, January 9, 2009

Temporarily Omnivorous

Since trying some turkey back in November I have also tasted fishcake (nasty, nasty, nasty) and sausage. While these portions were tiny, I can't in good conscience call myself a vegetarian during this period of experimentation. So omnivore it is, however temporary it may turn out to be.

About that sausage. Tried it this past weekend while having brunch at Craftbar. Now, before I became a vegetarian, pork products held a special place in my heart. Argentinian sausage, linguisa, prosciutto, these were some of my favorite things. So, when my eggs and fingerling potatoes came with a side of sausage, I gave two links to my friend and kept one for myself and ate three tiny bites. It tasted divine. Better than I remembered.

While I feel conflicted, I thought I'd be judging myself harshly over this, especially eating pork (pigs are incredibly smart; smarter than dogs) but I'm not. Most of the feelings coming up relate to mind/body connection. Plus, it's a funny thing to eat food that I've deprived myself of for the past 18 years. I have no idea when this will end, where I will find myself at the end of this journey, nor do I know what will happen next.

Well, I know that prosciutto is likely next!

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