Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coffee Time

This afternoon I went downstairs and picked up a package that the super was holding for me. I got my new coffeemaker! (That's a stock photo of it.) I've been really excited to get it for a few reasons: this is the coffeemaker that Chelc has and recommended and I have never owned a drip coffee machine.

When I went to SF for the West Coast Reunion, I was taken by Chelc's machine and the coffee was delicious (Yay Peet's!). I liked the "fuel gauge" and instead of having a carafe, there's an internal reservoir that keeps the coffee warm. To get the coffee, you press down on the lever. Cuteness and convenience planted the seed to get my own.

But yeah, I never owned a drip machine. Honestly, I used to look down my nose at it. I've always used a French press or a macchinetta for espresso. I love making coffee this way, but it's not quick and as a result, I'd find myself inconsistently making coffee and just picking up a cup at the local coffee shop. I mean, it got to the point where I rather put a jacket on than boil water, grind beans, pour, stir and steep and wait. And, as I got lazy, my freshly roasted beans got stale and unusable. So, I'm excited to get this machine because it will be easy to regularly make coffee. And to think how close I once was to going the route of home roasting and using a vacuum brewer (Which I may still get. They are super cool.)

After clearing up some counter space I cleaned the machine and then made two cups of coffee. It came out great. Tonight, I'm going to program it so I can wake up to the smell of coffee brewing. I think this is going to rekindle my coffee obsession!

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Chelc said...

Well you know I'm excited for you! And I'm definitely not one to stop your coffee habit! :D There is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee - it's often what gets me out of bed for morning classes. Next stop - coffee grinder!