Monday, February 9, 2009

It's three o'clock in the morning, dammit

Well, not right now it isn't but for the past week, I've been waking up at 3am every night. I'll wake up and be completely wide awake. The first few times it happened I'd lie there, staring at the ceiling, thinking away, or I'd toss and turn until I could fall asleep again. It would take me about an hour.

After the third time, I decided to do something instead of just lying there thinking and trying to force myself back to sleep. So, at 3am I have:
- Walked around, looked out the living room window.

- Tinkered with some song lyrics I've been working on adding:
this love won't leave
this heart still bleeds
i'm on my knees
begging you please
- Wrote and deleted two blog posts about waking up at 3am and about other careers I thought I'd be good at (arson investigator, private investigator, detective, etc).

- Played with the cats.

- Wrote down story scraps - sentences or paragraphs that don't really fit anywhere.

- Went up to the roof deck for some naked eye astronomy.

- And of course, been thinking and thinking about the things that keep waking me up.
While this has been... fun, I'd really like to sleep through the night.


Chelc said...

I know the feeling. With the tooth stuff, I've been waking up almost every night. I won't let myself get out of bed though because I know I'll wake up more - and I'm good at scaring myself in the dark, especially when I know I can't turn the lights on.

At least you're being productive with your time though! I'm sure the cats loved having you up during their daytime!

Do you write in a journal? Sometimes if I can just throw it all out on paper and not censor myself (like I do in my blog), it helps at least get it off my mind a little more.

And if all else fails, you know 3am is only midnight our time! We're always up then! :D (or this is an awesome reason to get RB at home - guitar, headphones - totally get your mind off things!)

vivzan said...

I normally journal, but haven't written down this stuff yet. Which I should. It's because I really don't want to think about it, but it finds its way out anyhow. Maybe I wouldn't wake up if I just got it all out.

You have to add waking up almost every night to your tooth ordeal? Gosh, Chelc, this is beyond awful. :-(

If I get RB at home, I will officially turn into a hermit!