Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rumspringa continues

Tonight I made this fantastic Tuscan white bean soup (didn't turn out white but green thanks to the leeks) and while it beyond delicious, I wonder, how much better would it be if I had cooked it with a ham bone?

So yeah, I still haven't returned to vegetarianism. Vegetarian rumspringa is what I'm calling it. What's weird is that I haven't ventured further than pork products and fish. Oh, I ate fish and chips and had some fish tacos. Both were a first. Why didn't anyone tell me that fried fish was so good? I don't want to eat cow and I never really liked chicken or turkey. A friend of a friend suggested I try lamb at this middle eastern restaurant in Brooklyn, but I 'd really prefer fresh, local meat from farms that treat their animals with respect and that pretty much means I have to go to a butcher shop and cook things myself.

I don't know how to cook meat, really. I remember making meatloaf for my parents once, but before I became a vegetarian either my mom or grandmother were cooking for me or else I was frying up tater tots or heating up Tostino's pizza. While I always baked, I didn't start seriously cooking until I became a vegetarian.

I need a guide!!

Ok, seriously, how fun could someone have with me? We could go to restaurants and have me try stuff they love, or we could cook and they get to watch my reaction. I would salivate at this opportunity if the shoe were on the other foot!

But anyway, I keep saying every week I'm going to cook a new recipe, since I have so many cookbooks. For the most part I do, but what ends up happening is that I try a recipe, like it, and then I change it up to make it mine and make that dish all the time until I'm sick of it. It ends up taking me a while to go through new recipes. But this time, I really am going to try and cook new things. The soup tonight was new and I'm glad I made it (and, it wasn't spicy).

I want to get a new, non-veg cookbook. Any suggestions?


Chelc said...

You know we'd love to have fun trying out meats with you - but you're a little far away for that :(

I'm leaving the cookbook recommendations up to Andrew, but I know he loves his Mario Batali cookbook, and he has a Williams-Sonoma one called Meats & Poultry (funny how they separate those out, isn't it?). If you're looking for basics, though, one of my favorite cookbooks is The New Basics Cookbook. Have fun experimenting! I love hearing about what you're choosing to make!

vivzan said...

Heh, I have the Williams-Sonoma Vegetable cookbook. I really like it! I'll check out The New Basics and Mario Batali. I've never made Italian food from a cookbook, so this gives me an excuse.

BTW, I cooked up some bacon today. Holy crap, was it good!