Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scrambled egg sandwiches

I still like my scrambled eggs the same way I did when I was a kid: in a sandwich. Granted, the ingredients and technique have gotten better, but it all comes out the experimentation I started when my mom gave me the ok to scramble my own eggs as a kid. I would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and they would sleep late. Unsupervised, I took liberties in the kitchen. My mom never really knew what I was doing since by the time she got up, everything was clean and put away. Many years later, I made one of my sandwiches for her. She asked for the recipe. :-)

Here are the basics: warmed bread with mayo, onions, scrambled eggs. Assemble. There's a lot of ways to get fancy. Sometimes I make my own mayo with chipotle or cilantro, make my own bread or use ciabatta, wraps or pita bread, use cipollini roasted onions, add fresh herbs, potatoes, bacon. List goes on. It's the best breakfast sandwich in the world.

And when I make it with sliced sandwich bread, like I did this morning, I still cut it into triangles. :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this really necessary?

I checked my mail this evening and found six envelopes from CareC0re. I have no idea what CareC0re is and why I have six envelopes marked "confidential." Immediately, right or wrong, I'm concerned. Last time I got so many envelopes from one company it was from the Student Loan Corporation and I nearly had a heart attack as all my loans were broken out - eleven in all - in separate envelopes. Really hammered home that I had debt. I freaked out.

So what the hell is this? They're coverage verification and approval letters for healthcare services. I open one and start wondering what the other five say. Am I approved or am I paying out of pocket? No, I'm approved, but they took six letters to approve three services. They sent duplicates.

Really? Is this really necessary? Couldn't they just consolidate this? They're all dated the same and going to the same address!! Dumb!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the Dollhouse

I've been watching the new show "Dollhouse" by Joss Whedon. I regularly watched Buffy and Angel and really loved how strong the females characters were in his shows, so I was ready to instantly like it, but it didn't happen that way.

If you haven't seen it yet, quick synopsis: Eliza Dushku plays Echo, a woman who enlists in the Dollhouse, where there are women (And one guy so far) who are blank slates, empty "hats without rabbits" to quote from the show, who have personalities imprinted to fulfill any desire from (at least in these 3 eps) male clientele. They are then hired as dates, negotiators, sexual partners, bodyguards. After each assignment, their personalities and memories are wiped clean and they are returned to a blank slate.

Aside from the show being all over the place so far, which I can temporarily live with as part of the chaos of a new series, what's really bugging me is this concept of a blank slate and imprinting of personalities based on whatever a male client needs her to be and then pimping her out.

When Echo is a blank slate, she is spoken to like a retarded child, condescended to. She has no identity of her own and is given different identities upon someone's request. When she is on assignment, she is whatever someone else wants her to be and any experience she has is erased - she can't own any of the experiences and what happens to her doesn't matter.

What's also problematic for me is that Echo seemed forced to enlist, or had her back up against the wall or something. The backstory hasn't been revealed, but it didn't seem like she enlisted willingly, so there's a hint of human trafficking here.

Joss considers himself a feminist, and in the first two episodes I wasn't really sure where he's going with Dollhouse and I started to unleash some feminist wrath, but by the 3rd episode it became clear to me that's what he's doing with this show is playing with the concept of female perfection, objectification and most of all, identity. He's slowly revealing that the characters in this world need to be whatever it is someone else wants them to be, even if that someone else is the general cultural expectation of women: be happy, be beautiful, be a fantasy, anything but what you yourself want. Your own experience isn't important. And, besides, who owns that experience if you're programmed to be whatever someone else wants you to be?

The additional conflict in the show is that there's no such thing as blank slates. Like the Echo says in the first episode, before her real personality is erased, a blank slate can never be totally wiped clean. She's not going to be perfect because they will not be able to wipe every memory of her experiences and who she was prior to joining the Dollhouse. What happens to the fantasy then? Who decides her fate when she starts creating her own identity? Who will be in control of her?

So while intially I was ready to disregard this show, I'm now intensely curious as to where Joss is going to take us. This show has potential to be great, despite a lousy 9pm Friday night timeslot. I hope it can last.

In the meantime, Eliza has a goldmine of a role: she gets to play a different character in every episode so far. But, she still looks, moves and acts like Faith. I'm hoping that these different roles will loosen her acting abilities and that she can make me forget that she's a vampire slayer.