Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this really necessary?

I checked my mail this evening and found six envelopes from CareC0re. I have no idea what CareC0re is and why I have six envelopes marked "confidential." Immediately, right or wrong, I'm concerned. Last time I got so many envelopes from one company it was from the Student Loan Corporation and I nearly had a heart attack as all my loans were broken out - eleven in all - in separate envelopes. Really hammered home that I had debt. I freaked out.

So what the hell is this? They're coverage verification and approval letters for healthcare services. I open one and start wondering what the other five say. Am I approved or am I paying out of pocket? No, I'm approved, but they took six letters to approve three services. They sent duplicates.

Really? Is this really necessary? Couldn't they just consolidate this? They're all dated the same and going to the same address!! Dumb!!

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