Thursday, June 18, 2009

Table for none

My apartment is pretty small and currently, I don't have a dining table. I eat on the sofa. That's cool when I'm eating alone but I've been wanting to invite friends over to dinner lately and don't want to make them eat on their laps or sitting on the floor. I've been holding back on inviting anyone over to eat because of this and that's lame. People are missing out on some killer food and beverages. Something has to be done.

I have two options that I've come up with. I have a counter that looks into the living room and have often thought of buying some stools. Can't really seat more than three people comfortably though. Four pushing it. On the kitchen side, I could also put some stools, but there's no legroom since the counter is flush with the wall on that side.

My other option is to get a folding table. I could ditch that small table currently under the counter and get a space saving folding table like this (comes with 4 folding chairs that hide inside when folded) and open it up when guests are over.

Drawback is that I don't get to use the counter as a dining area like I would with the stools, but I could seat more.

What do you think of these options? Any others? I've also thought about getting several folding chairs but that still requires lap eating (although that's fine if I have a party, but if I have a party, I'll take it to the roofdeck). I need ideas!


Neets said...

I love your walls! Did you paint them yourself?

OK, you've totally piqued my interest because A) I love to problem-solve and B) I love to decorate. I would completely go with the table with collapsing leaves/chairs. I had this problem when I lived in Jersey City in a micro-apartment. You lose the use of the bar for sitting, but when you entertain, you can sort of use it to serve the food or drinks!

And, I'm sorry for making an annoying and unasked for suggestion, but I am looking at your bookshelf wall and thinking a taller book case could consolidate the two shelves you have, leaving more room for the table...use your vertical space! : D

I hope you post about what you decide...

vivzan said...

That's a good idea. And, that table I posted a pic of, while I don't have the exact measurements, folds down on both sides and likely fits right under that space where the keyboard currently is.

Last night, I was leaning towards the stools since the idea of folding and unfolding is unappealing, but perhaps I could leave one side unfolded....

Sigh, the bookshelf. I keep wanting to get a new one. I've had that since my first apartment. I need to upgrade, but then I start thinking of how I will get it to my 4th floor walk-up apartment (yet another reason that I don't buy furniture. I get hung up on delivery details).

Thanks for your advice. I'll definitely share what I decide.

vivzan said...

Neets, you asked about my walls. I love them too! I had a place years ago with walls just like this that I did paint (rag and brush technique w/glaze), but these were already painted when I moved in.

Chelc said...

I like the idea of the folding table too. The one I have in our guest/sewing room actually folds down on both sides as well, which I used to do in our other places (now I'm just lazy). But it's nice to have the flexibility of one side up or two sides up or none!

That said, when we first started having people over for mini parties with lots of food, we offered the table and they all wanted to sit on the couch/floor on pillows instead! So I guess it just depends on the crowd.

About the bookshelf, I was thinking you could go taller as well. But if it's a delivery problem, what about maybe a shelf or a few or a small case you hang on the wall over the shorter bookcase? Just make sure you get some strong anchors for the wall, but it should be fine.

Fun to have a look at your apartment! And my sis went to school for interior design (she's dying for us to buy a house so she can decorate it!). So any questions or more pix you want to share, I'm sure she's got ideas if I don't!

Neets said...

I totally had the delivery problem when in NJ...once I went to Ikea and carried the shelf upstairs panel by panel! (I should be thinner.) Also I would not be above paying the delivery person $20 to carry it for me.

Building on Chec's idea, you have that huge coffee table. If the friends are good friends, plop a bunch of pillows on the floor and eat there -- that would be fun!

vivzan said...

Neets, carrying shelf by shelf is exactly the kind of stunt I pull.

Chelc, I'm a pillow on the floor person myself, or I comfy chair at a kitchen table (I really liked yours). I'm now leaning towards having both options: pillows and table w/folding chairs.

I actually saw some of these folding tables on craigslist, but of course was wondering about how I'd pick it up. I should stop being so weird about it as I'm aware of a reputable man with a van from local message boards.

This was really fun! I'll start shopping for the table!

vivzan said...

ok Chelc and Neets. Some decisions have been made.

First, I'm going to buy floor pillows stat. People just don't have a place to sit and eat right now so that's a good, cheap idea.

I read on that the chairs that are a part of that set I have a photo of are mighty uncomfortable. I'm still going to consider them, but I'm also going to try to find alternatives.

In the meantime, I'll have floor pillows and I have the roofdeck! No excuses anymore!

Then, it's onto bookshelves!

Chelc said...

Woohoo! Very exciting! Floor pillows and a roofdeck are more than enough to get me there for party time (well, maybe if I lived just a smidge closer)!! Now you just have to post how your next get-together goes.