Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The secret world of hat wearers

I've been wearing a new summer hat on and off this summer, a lovely Christy's Crown Series, and started to notice that in addition to the compliments I receive from women about my hat, I get nods from women also wearing summer hats.

What's up with that?

Last week, I was walking with a coworker to a bar and he was walking his bike. When we got to the crosswalk, a bike messenger rode by and nodded to him. My coworker nodded back. They didn't know each other.

When I run on trails in Florida, runners in the opposite direction would often nod to me and I'd nod back. (This actually happens to me any time I run outside of New York City.)

After the last hat nod, I realized something: there's a hat wearers club. Just like I'm in the runners club and my coworker is in the cyclist club. It's a greeting, a silent shout-out, a recognition and acknowledgment that both of you are engaging in the same activity and have a common bond.

And so earlier this evening when a woman in a straw hat nodded at me with a small smile, I nodded my own straw hat wearing head right back at her. ;-)

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