Monday, August 17, 2009

A kite lost and found

Yesterday evening I was reading on the roofdeck and enjoying a glass of wine. In the distance I see what I think is a balloon high in the sky. I watch it turn from a black speck to a kite with alternating colors and a tail of dark ribbons. I watch it dance over the Grand Army Plaza arch, zig-zag over a few short buildings and then head straight towards me. I stand up and move to the railing prepared to jump up and catch it but, as it floats above the neighbor's building, the wind dies and the kite slowly and gracefully bows down onto their deck.

A few minutes prior, I was feeling kind of emotional. The sun had set, there was a cool breeze, the sound of leaves shaking on the trees, clouds turning from white to pink in the sky... it was that time of day when you have just enough light left to know that soon it will be dark and the moment felt both beautiful and sad.

And right into this moment comes a lost kite merrily dancing in the breeze.

I had to go get it. :-)

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Clau said...

You are a kite runner.