Monday, January 25, 2010

365 Project Recap #1

Day 25 and I'm still enjoying the 365 Project. Or Project 365 as it's also called. Who's right? Well, it doesn't matter. I'm posting a photo everyday to Flickr and tagging it "365 project" so that's what I'm calling it.

Here are a few photos that I took recently....

Day 22: Lobby
Day 22: Lobby.
I arrived about 15 minutes early to an interview at the IAC building in Chelsea. It's not a building that I like from the outside but inside, it's a different experience. The light in the lobby at this hour was peaceful and serene. The design of the benches mimicked the way the light entered. It was all very lovely.

Day 24: Hanover Place
Day 24: Hanover Place.
Sunday night, I headed into the city to meet some friends to play bar trivia. The streets were quiet and I was walking on Pearl street towards Hanover Place when I realized I once had a dream that took place here. Was such an eerie feeling. I wanted to take a photo of the street, but there was a guy walking past me. I decided to take the photo anyway. Glad I did as I really like how it came out. I liked how it came out dark and exaggerated and I made the photo black and white to enhance that.

Day 25: Glass
Day 25: Glass.
My apartment is in the midst of a heating crisis. The living room radiator is insanely hot and I dress like it's mid August inside. I left a dirty glass on my computer stand, which is near the radiator and by this evening, it looked like this. The glass didn't break, but the tiny amount of beer left inside dried.

I don't know if by day 100 I'll be taking photos of my socks, but if you want to follow the daily photos, check out my flickr set.


Neets said...

The lobby pic is great! I also wonder what the hell I'll be taking pictures of by the end of the year. It'll be like, "Here's an envelope I'm about to use. And here's my dog...again." Still fun tho!

vivzan said...

hahaha, Neets, I can't wait to get my puppy as it's guaranteed to fill up a chunk of the year!

I do predict that I'll take photos of my socks at some point, though.

Your pictures are lovely btw. I like that we're seeing the results of your assignments.