Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I love Twitter (and macaroons)

Oh sweet Jesus, these are the best macaroons I've ever had & I've been to France! Thanks to Twitter and @dannymacaroons, I got to enjoy them!

After Amy, a food blogger I follow (@amyblogschow), tweeted about eating "surprisingly moist" salted caramel macaroons, and letting me know that they're from Danny Macaroons and are available locally, I immediately had to go out & get some. I love me some salted chocolate and salted caramel so I had to try them. Dan saw Amy's tweet to me and replied letting me know that he just dropped off fresh batches around the city. After walking 15 minutes to the closest coffeeshop listed as a seller, they tell me they're out and they've suspended their shipment. Well, boo!

I tweeted back to Dan & what ends up happening is a bunch of back-and-forth emails with him and he makes plans with me to hand deliver not only some salted caramel macaroons, but an assortment of plain & chocolate covered ones as well.

This evening, Dan was waiting outside of my office and pulled out a six-piece bag of macaroons from his cooler. While he tells me about himself and his business - Dan's been in business for 4 months and makes the macaroons himself in Spanish Harlem - I bit into the salted caramel macaroon and it was an explosion of flavors: sweet, salty, coconuty, and very, very moist. (I was tempted to take a picture of him, but I was busy eating.)

However, the best was yet to come. On the train ride home, I tried a plain macaroon. Holy cow, I went bananas on the train: this was the best macaroon I've ever eaten! Ever! Again, super moist, sweet but not overpowering, coconut perfectly shredded. I was all moaning and picking off the pieces that fell on my shirt and in the crook of my arm and shoving it into my mouth like some out of control person. It was that good!

So, if you're a fan of macaroons, find a shop that carries them (but call first, just in case).

If it wasn't for Twitter, I wouldn't have had the best damn macaroons I've ever tasted. Now I got to control myself to not eat the four macaroons I have left tonight. I haven't even tried the chocolate one yet!!


Amy Blogs Chow said...

hahaha great write-up. How am I suppose to top this?

Anonymous said...

these are very kind words and they make a macaroon maker very happy. thanks, viv. so glad you enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

and amy: maybe i can be a guest video chef and we can show people how to make coconut macaroons that don't suck...!?

I'm Not a Plastic Blog said...

Hahaha, thanks but Amy, you're write-up will run circles around mine!