Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Overblown reactions to dumb shit, part 2

Is there a right way or a wrong way to stack paper towels such as these?

Take a look at the stack on the left and on the right. Which one do you think is correct? Does it even matter to you?

It matters to me. The stack on the left is upside down. The stack on the right is correct.

When you stack it upside down (L) , you tend to wet the towel below the one you’re grabbing. It also makes it hard to grab just one, making it inefficient and unhygienic as you’re touching the other towel. When you stack it with the fold facing up (R), you’re able to grab the fold and use just that one towel. When you have these types of towels (known as C-folds) in a dispenser, you’ll note that it’s the side with the folds that sticks out, for that very reason.

But here’s the problem.

In our kitchen, we don’t have a dispenser, so the cleaning woman puts out the towels for us to grab. However, she puts them out upside down. Every time I’m in the kitchen, I flip the whole stack over, fold-side up. But, when I go back in there, she has either replaced them facing down or she’s actively flipping them back the other way.

Every morning when I come into the office, I put my stuff down and wash my hands in the kitchen sink. I grab an upside down towel and after drying my hands, I flip the entire stack right-side up.

When I go into the kitchen for lunch, I do the exact same thing.

When I go into the kitchen at 3pm for coffee, guess what I’m doing?

I’ve been consistently doing this for months. Three times a day.

What I don’t understand is why this isn’t taking hold. Am I the only one who sees this is the right way? And why, when she’s in there – and she’s always in the kitchen – does she not look down and see what direction the towels are facing and replace them accordingly? Or, why, when she washes her own hands, does she not say to herself, “oh, I’m totally wetting the bottom towel when they’re facing down.” Or, if she catches them after I’ve corrected them, “oh, look, I’m grabbing the fold and holy cow, what a better experience.

Really? I just don't get it.

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